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Top 100 Blogs For Working At Home

Whether you’re interested in working at home, freelancing, or starting your own business, you’re not alone. There’s a great community of bloggers who are happy to share their experiences and inside stories about leaving behind the corporate life. Here, we’ll take a look at 100 of the best blogs for working at home.

Work at Home

Check out these blogs that focus completely on working at home.

  1. Work From Home Blog: On this blog, you’ll find thoughtful posts for people who work at home, or would like to.
  2. Chief Home Officer: Get resources for making your home office work on this blog.
  3. Obzokee: Chris De La Rosa’s blog shares his advice as a person who has worked at home for 12 years.
  4. HomeNetPro: Read this blog to find the best work at home opportunities currently available.
  5. Work Happy: Work Happy offers a great collection of online tools and resources for making your work at home happy.
  6. The Home-Based Business Blog: Find out how to manage the daily juggle of a home-based business from this blog.
  7. Undress4Success: This blog offers the truth about making money from home.
  8. Work at Home Business Opportunities Weblog: Check out this blog, and you’ll learn about news, links, and more for work at home entrepreneurs.
  9. Work Home Money: This blog will teach you how to quit your 9-5 job and start living.

Work at Home Moms

These blogs are written by work at home moms, and the occasional dad.

  1. Work at Home Mom Revolution: Find opportunities and news for work at home moms on this blog every day.
  2. Home Based Business Mom – Kelly blogs about running a business from home.
  3. WAHM Business Opportunities Weblog: Find more than 1,500 opportunities and ideas for work at home moms on this blog.
  4. They Call Me Wahmmy: This blog is written for moms who like to work hard and play hard.
  5. WAHM 2.0: WAHM 2.0 offers a revolutionary look at work at home moms.
  6. The Work From Home Mother: Check out this blog for tips, leads and stories for working at home.
  7. WAHM Cafe: WAHM Cafe features resources and support for work at home moms.
  8. Nicole on the Net: Nicole Dean’s blog helps work at home moms find success online.
  9. Mommy Enterprises: Stefani is a work at home mom with 4 kids who shares excellent resources of interest to other work at home moms.
  10. Working WAHM: Working WAHM offers loads of advice and resources for work at home moms.
  11. WAHM Talk Radio: Tune into these podcasts to learn how you can find success as a work at home mom.
  12. Kristie T’s Home Business Blog: Find out what Kristie has to say about working at home and making money online.
  13. Work at Home Mom: This real work at home mom discusses how moms (and dads) can work at home, too.

Passive Income & Finance

Read these blogs to learn about setting up passive income and getting your finances in order.

  1. whydowork: This blog shares advice for success in online passive income.
  2. Passive Income: Here you’ll learn how to generate passive income from home.
  3. Net Passive Income: Read this blog, and you’ll learn how to create a six-figure residual income.
  4. Passive Income Blog: Get mentored in how to create multiple streams of passive income on this blog.
  5. The Smart Passive Income Blog: The Smart Passive Income Blog offers a dose of reality in the passive income lifestyle.
  6. The Simple Dollar: Get straight to the point financial talk from The Simple Dollar.
  7. Blogging Away Debt: Follow the journey of a blogger who is fighting debt here.
  8. Get Rich Slowly: You can get a dose of financial reality from Get Rich Slowly.
  9. Living Off Dividends: This blog explains how you can make your money work hard, so you can take it easy.
  10. Passive Family Income: You’ll learn about passive income, residual income, and cash flow business from this blog.
  11. Genius Types: Genius Types highlights the creative life and passive income.
  12. Lazy Man and Money: Find out how you can be lazy and wealthy at the same time.
  13. Passive Income Grrl Blog: Read about Jill’s journey to create passive income for her family.


Many people who work at home need excellent marketing skills-you can develop them by reading these blogs.

  1. Persuasive.net: On Persuasive.net, you’ll find excellent resources for learning persuasive communication.
  2. Duct Tape Marketing: Duct Tape Marketing offers simple, effective, and affordable small business networking.
  3. Six Pixels of Separation: On Mitch Joel’s blog, you can learn digital marketing and communications.
  4. Seth’s Blog: Seth Godin offers a wealth of learning for online marketing.

Telecommuting & Web Working

If you’re interested in telecommuting or working online, be sure to check out these blogs.

  1. Ramblings of a Remote Worker: Marieke Guy’s blog shares lots of resources for remote working.
  2. Digital Nomads: Portable professionals can find resources on this blog.
  3. Web Worker Daily: Web Worker Daily is written for the workforce that’s based completely online.
  4. StellaCommute: Stella shares comments on issues that affect telecommuters.
  5. Signal vs. Noise: Signal vs. Noise writes aout design, business, the web, and lots more.
  6. Location Independent: Location Independent writes about living and working anywhere you choose.
  7. Telecommuting Journal: The Telecommuting Journal is full of advice for finding jobs, resources, spotting scams, and more.
  8. Teletwenties: Teletwenties offers a work at home blog for twenty somethings.
  9. Northern Telework: Read this blog to learn about telework technologies and their positive impact.
  10. My Global Career: Expand your horizons by learning about virtual global career on this blog.
  11. Genuine Jobs: Genuine Jobs offers a telecommuting headquarters.


These blogs are written with freelancers in mind.

  1. Creative Freelancer: If you want to work as a creative freelancer, be sure to check out this blog.
  2. The Freelance Writing Jobs Network: This blog is great for people who want to write for a living.
  3. Creative Class: Get a look at creatively living, working, and playing.
  4. FreelanceSwitch: FreelanceSwitch is the definitive resource for serious freelancers.
  5. Fuel Your Creativity: Find creativity juice by reading this blog.
  6. Men with Pens: You’ll be able to get resources for making a decent living as a writer, freelancer, or entrepreneur from Men with Pens.
  7. FreelanceVenue: On this blog, you’ll find job offers, advice, and community for freelancers.
  8. Ninja Freelance: Ninja Freelance will keep you on the cutting edge of freelancing.
  9. Freelance Copywriters Blog: This blog is written especially for freelance copywriters.
  10. NO!SPEC: This blog fights against speculative work.
  11. Write to Done: Write to Done features incredible resources for writing.
  12. Copyblogger: Find copywriting resources, advice and more from Copyblogger.
  13. Quips and Tips for Successful Writers: Check out this blog to find both writing quotations and practical advice.
  14. Freelance Folder: Freelance Folder offers freelance tools, advice, and useful resources.
  15. Adventures in Freelancing: Read Adventures in Freelancing to learn about the journey of a freelance career.
  16. Elance Blog: You can find tips and tricks, advice, trends, and much more for freelancers on the Elance blog.
  17. Ask the Editor: Freelance writers can gain useful knowledge from this blog.
  18. Skelliewag: Read Skelliewag if you want to make a living from your passion as a blogger, freelancer, or entrepreneur.
  19. freelancedom: This blog will take your from bunny slippers to business plans.
  20. The Freelance Rant: Learn about struggles, frustrations, and triumphs in freelancing from this blog.

Small Business, Startups & Self Employment

Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit by reading these blogs.

  1. Small Biz Survival: This blog proves that you can create a successful small business, even in the middle of nowhere.
  2. StartupPrincess: StartupPrincess offers loads of resources to women working on startups.
  3. KillerStartups: Get inspired by the great ideas highlighted on this blog every day.
  4. Self Employed Blog: Read this blog to explore ways to be self employed.
  5. The Self Employment Blog: You’ll find practical tips for success in self employment from this blog.
  6. Entrepreneurs Journey: Follow Yaro Starak’s blog to get down to earth advice and tips for entrepreneurship.
  7. The “A-Ha!” Blog: Read along this blog to learn about the entrepreneurial adventure.
  8. Creatively Self Employed: Check out Creatively Self Employed to learn about the ups and downs of working as a writer or artist.
  9. Serenity for the Self-Employed: Read Healther Boerner’s blog to find serenity in self employment.
  10. How to Change the World: Guy Kawasaki shares advice for online ventures on this blog.
  11. Damsels in Success: Get inspired for small business and self employment success by this blog.
  12. Entrepreneur.com Daily Dose: Get your daily dose of smart news and resources for entrepreneurs from this blog.
  13. You’re the Boss: Read this New York Times blog to study the art of running a small business.
  14. The Small Business Blog: Rieva Lesonsky shares her insight on important issues for entrepreneurs on this blog.
  15. Small Business Trends: Stay on top of the latest in small business from this blog.
  16. StartupNation Blog: StartupNation features wisdom from industry experts in this small business blog.
  17. BizBox: Find small business help and tips from Slate Magazine on this blog.
  18. Up and Running: Get started with success in mind by reading this blog.
  19. The Anti 9 to 5 Guide: On this blog, you’ll find career advice that will help you think outside the cube.
  20. Escape From Cubicle Nation: Read Pam Slim’s blog to find out how you can go from a corporate prisoner to a thriving entrepreneur.
  21. Grow Your Own: Get inspiration for your small business from the Reuters Grow Your Own blog.
  22. The Global Small Business Blog: If you’re interested in taking your small business global, be sure to check out this blog.
  23. The Entrepreneurial Mind: Read this blog to find pearls of entrepreneurial wisdom from Dr. Jeff Cornwall.

Social Media

These blogs will help you make use of social media for business networking, finding work, and more.

  1. Mashable: Focused completely on social media, Mashable offers useful tools, breaking news, and more.
  2. Chris Garrett on New Media: Find out what Chris Gattett has to say about business blogging and new media marketing.
  3. Social Media Rockstar: Read Social Media Rockstar to learn how you can master the art of social media.
  4. Dan Zarrella: Dan Zarrella is a social and viral marketing scientist.
  5. All Facebook: You can learn about Facebook marketing and more on this resourceful blog.
  6. ProBlogger: Read Darren Rowse’s blog to optimize your blog for making money.
  7. Chris Brogan: Learn about community and social media from expert Chris Brogan.

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